What if there is nothing wrong with you ?

For the most part emotions are a result of thoughts. There are of course exceptions such as instinctual responses like fear in a dangerous situation or anxiety due to a medical condition. However, for simplicity let’s just say that you cannot have an emotion without a thought. Sometimes it is hard to identify the thought that is creating a negative emotion. Even without knowing the particular thought, I will suggest that if you are experiencing a negative emotion that is not from an obvious external source, then it is coming from a thought that is not true.

Sometimes the source of negative emotions come from early childhood when particular beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are shaped and formed. At this young age we tend to believe whatever we are told. Negative self-beliefs can become so ingrained that it is hard to shift them. It can be helpful to remember that a belief is only a thought that we have had enough times that we believe it to be true. Many of the negative emotions we experience come from the beliefs that were formed at an age that we were unable to challenge or examine them for their validity. As adults we have the opportunity to evaluate those beliefs and to challenge them.

So, I am going to pose the question, what if the only thing wrong with you is the belief that there is something wrong with you? What if you decide to stop believing all the negative things about yourself that came from outside of you. Beliefs that were given to you before you were old enough to decide if they were true. I know it sounds simplistic, but it is certainly worth considering.

Wishing you all the best in your journey

Phil Miranda

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