Don’t believe everything you see

If you have spent any time on the internet you will have no doubt seen the dress colour illusion. referred to it as one of the illusions that broke the internet. Illusions can be fun but trying to understand the science behind them will do your head in. Studying the science behind them  really spoiled the fun for me. I am not going to spoil your fun so here is a link to some of the best illusions, Enjoy ?

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Know your value

Sometimes life can be hard, and we can feel worthless, worn out and damaged. I imagine most people have felt like this at some time in their lives. Maybe you feel this way right now. Hopefully the following story can help you to realise your worth. I can’t remember the original source for this story, so I am paraphrasing and my apologies for not giving credit to its author. Imagine in one hand you have a brand new shiny dollar coin and in the other hand a worn out old and beaten dollar coin. Which is worth more? Sure, the shiny coin may have been handled more carefully and not bearing the scars of the worn out and damaged coin. However, their value is the same. So, if your life has left you feeling worn out and beaten, scared and damaged just like the worn out and beaten dollar coin, just remember your value is still the same. You wouldn’t go to the shop with the worn-out coin and say sorry this isn’t worth as much as a shiny new coin, so don’t go through life devaluing yourself. Your journey may have been harder than other peoples, just like the worn-out coin in the story, but your value is still the same.

Wishing you all the best in your journey

Phil Miranda