No posts until further notice

I apologise for the lack of posts recently. I am hoping to return to normal shortly.

3 Responses to “No posts until further notice”

  1. I hope you are serious about keeping the bastards honest. I am all for that. it really bothers me when the likes of Randy Jett and Jean Jett gets away with their fraudulent practices. I would like to give them their just rewards.


  2. Nothing new under the sun (same old cons, just new fools).

    Clearly, Forrest Gump was born stupid (we’re all born ignorant), but his mama didn’t raise a fool. She schooled him in wisdom, and he prospered thereby.

    Without wisdom, intelligence breeds arrogance, which leads to foolishness. Beware the smart fool!

  3. Check out the scammer and liar Paul Birdsall with yet another misleading program. Kicked out of shackled and now ViSalus he still preys on unknowing individuals looking for that easy work for home system that only requires your time and a computer. HIs Global Income Alliance is just another money grab that over promises and under delivers on every component! Beware or Paul Birdsall!!!

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